Research Associate position Resilience and Safety to Cyber-Attacks

This post of Research Assistant (pre-doctoral) or Research Associate (post-doctoral) is to conduct world-leading research, under the direction of Professor Emil Lupu, on the resilience and safety of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) to cyber-attacks. In particular the work will seek to deliver novel contributions that enable such systems to safely continue to operate even when they have been partially compromised and facilitate a) continuous risk analysis in the face of adversarial threats taking into account the impact of security events across cascading interdependencies; b) characterising the attacks that can have an impact on the safety of the system, identifying the paths that make such attacks possible; c) identifying countermeasures that can be applied to mitigate threats and contain the impact of attacks; and d) ensuring that such countermeasures can be applied whilst preserving the system’s safety, operational constraints and maximising its availability. These contributions will be evaluated across several test beds, digital twins, and a number of use-cases across different industry sectors. 

The successful candidate will be expected to collaborate closely with the research staff at the University of Bristol (project partners), as well as to work with the extensive group of project academic and industry external collaborators.

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The closing date for applications is: 18 July 2023