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Federico Morini

Federico received his MSc in Engineering in Computer Science from University of Ferrara. He has newly joined the group, starting the journey towards a PhD. At the moment he is reading on various aspects of Adaptive Network Security.


Luis Muñoz González

Luis is a Research Associate in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London. He received his PhD from University Carlos III of Madrid (Spain) where he proposed novel Gaussian process models for non-stationary and heteroscedastic regression. His background includes machine learning and cyber-security. His current research interests are adversarial machine learning and security risk assessment with attack graph models. You can find more details about his current research activities and contact information at his personal web page, Google Scholar profile or Researchgate.



Rodrigo Vieira Steiner

Rodrigo has recently started a PhD in our group. He is currently interested in techniques for monitoring and improving the integrity and resilience of wireless sensor networks.


Erisa Karafili

Erisa joined us after a PhD at the University of Verona and a Post-Doc at the Technical University of Denmark. She will be working on Data Sharing Agreements and Argumentation and Logic Programming techniques applied to Security.


Jukka Soikkeli

Jukka joined the group as a PhD student on the HiPEDS CDT.
His current research interests are improving the resilience of partially compromised networks, and network forensics.
Jukka holds an MSc in Computing Science from Imperial College London, and degrees in economics from the University of Oxford and the University of St Andrews.